How to Send an E-Fax

Hi, I am Alejandro at Voiceopia, and I am going to teach you how to e-fax.
To send a fax, open your email and in the send bar enter the 10-digit phone number of the receiving fax followed by
You can skip the subject line.
Next attach a document (supported formats include PDF, JPEG, Word Docs, Excel Sheets, and many more.
The document name cannot have any special characters in it.
And thats it. Press send and you will receive a confirmation email or an error email letting you know it failed to send and why.
Your email must be approved to send Faxes.
You can get on the approved list by emailing
Basic sending:
  1. Open up your email
  2. In the SEND TO bar, enter the recipient's phone number followed by “”
  3. Example: or
  4. Attach a document (supported formats only)(no special characters in name)
  5. If it is not on your computer, scan it in. (remember where it is saved)
  6. The subject line should remain blank.
  7. Press SEND
  1. Your email has to be approved to send faxes.
  2. An email can be approved by emailing
  3. You will always receive a confirmation email. In the email, it will explain if it was successful or not. If there was an error, it will explain the error.
  4. If you do not receive a confirmation email, either you are not approved to send faxes or there was a typo in the phone number you are sending to.
  5. Do not put special characters in file name ie. (&@#$%^&*)
  6. Supported Formats: (For best results use PDF)
  8. IMPORTANT: Macro-enabled files that require a macro to execute for the file to open are not supported.


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