Composing your first fax

Login at the Sfax login screen.

After you login select the Compose fax option

To Send a fax to a one time recipient insert the fax number into the “Enter fax number” field.  You will need to add a 1 in front of the number.  After you type in the number hit enter to complete the request.  Example:  1-855-555-1212

After you have inserted the fax number of the recipient you are ready to upload the document to prepare for faxing.  Under the “Files” section select the “Upload documents” option.

After selecting the “Upload documents” option a box will open that allows you to either browse to the file or drag and drop the files.

If you select the “Choose Files” option you will be taken to a browser window to allow you to search for the document.  After you find the document you would like to fax click on the image and select “Open”. 

After you have selected the document to fax you will see this listed on the “Upload Documents” box.  If you have added the incorrect document you can select the icon listed next to the document to remove.   If you would like to add another document you can follow the above process to add an additional document.  If you are ready to continue select “Next”. 

Your document has now been uploaded and ready to be faxed.  You can see the “Outgoing number”, “Recipients”, and Files that you have selected for faxing. 

The next step is to select if you want to send a cover page.  Scroll down the page to the “Cover Page” option and you will have a drop down which will allow you to select from custom or generic cover pages.  You can select to not send a cover page at all.  You also have a “Subject”, “Reference”, and “Remarks” text box for each option to input data.

At this point you can select the “Send” option to process your fax.

Once you have hit send you will be taken to the main page of the portal.  If you select the “Outbox” you can follow the process of your submitted fax.  You will see your fax in the “Rendering” status as the document is rendered for faxing.

The next step in the process will show the status as “Queued”.  At this point the fax is waiting to send.

The next step in the process will be the “Sending” status.  This is when your fax is actually attempting to send.

Once the fax has completed sending the fax will no longer be viewed in the “Outbox” and can be viewed in the “Sent” area if the fax sent successfully or in the “Failed” box if the fax could not be transmitted successfully.


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