How to Import Contacts

Now that you’ve made the switch to Zipwhip, you probably want to start texting ASAP. We can help you with that. Whether you’re an insurance company or a fitness studio or a beauty salon, we know you have an existing list of your customers or clients. It might be in an Excel sheet or in your CRM. Luckily, importing that list into Zipwhip is easy!
Export your information from your CRM

If you are unsure of how to export your information from your CRM, please contact the CRM’s Support team/resources to assist.
Importing your Contacts into Zipwhip


  1. On the Contacts page, click Import Contacts
  2. Download the .CSV template
  3. Open the .CSV template in Excel
  4. Keep the headers as they are
  5. Copy and paste your contacts’ information into the template
  6. Save as a .CSV
  7. On the Contacts page, click Import Contacts
  8. Upload your .CSV file

After uploading your file, you will receive a message that says how many contacts were imported successfully. If any contacts were not imported successfully, you can download a list of those contacts.
Troubleshooting Contact Import

  • Check your file type; the .CSV file needs to be in the .CSV (comma-delimited file type)
  • Check your headers; all headers must be exactly as they are in the template – i.e. “First Name” instead of “first” or “Phone Number” instead of “Phone #”
  • Check your information; all contacts need a valid 10-digit phone number


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