How to Log In to Zipwhip

Your username

You can access Zipwhip via your web browser, Chrome Extension (on Google Chrome), the desktop app, or your mobile app.

Your credentials will be the same, no matter how you sign in:

If you are on a single-user line, your username is your phone number in this format: (555)-555-5555.

If you are on a multi-user line, your username will be in this format: username@(555)-555-5555.

The Zipwhip web app

To sign into Zipwhip, open your web browser and use the URL or click here to login.

The Zipwhip desktop app

To sign into the desktop app, please download it first. Once downloaded and installed, you should see a small "Z" icon in the icon tray on your desktop computer. On a Windows computer, the icon tray is located in the bottom right corner (next to your clock). On a Mac, the icon tray is located in the top right corner.

Click on the Z to sign in with your username and password to start receiving notifications on your desktop.

The Zipwhip mobile app

We have a mobile app for both iOS and Android. For iOS, go to the App Store and search "Zipwhip." For Android, go to the Google Play store and search "Zipwhip." Install the app, find it on your phone, open, and login with your username and password.

The Chrome Extension

To use the Chrome Extension, install it from the Chrome Store. Be sure to sign in using your username and password.

Forgot your username or password?

No problem! Check out these articles: Forgot Username or Forgot Password?


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