How to Set Up an Auto Reply

An Auto Reply is a text message that automatically returns a pre-written message to anyone who texts you between designated times. Auto replies are used to communicate automatically with customers who text you, typically during off hours, and informs your customers of the need to know information like office hours or when to expect a response.

Set up an Auto Reply based on your business hours

Use this feature to send an auto reply based on when your business is open or closed.

  1. Click Auto Reply (arrow icon) on the left navigation menu
  2. Click Add Auto Reply
  3. Assign your weekly hours of operation and select your time zone 
  4. Click Next  
  5. Write your message for each type of auto reply, During and After Office Hours  
  6. Click Save 


Zipwhip uses your local time zone by default. If you would like to add clarity to your messages, we recommend adding in PST, EST, CST. Additionally, Zipwhip will automatically adjust your auto replies for daylight saving time. 
Set up a general Auto Reply

Use this feature to send an auto reply based on specific days and times you select.

  1. Click Auto Reply (arrow) on the left side menu 
  2. Click Add Auto Reply in the General section (lower half of the page) 
  3. Assign an easy to identify name and write your desired 250-character message 
  4. Choose when you want the auto reply to be sent:  
  • Send at all times - any inbound message will trigger this reply (no more often than once per 24 hours)
  • Send at scheduled times – select days and times this message will be sent 
  1. Click Save 

Disable or edit Auto Replies

  1. Click Auto Reply (arrow) on the left side menu
  2. To disable, toggle the On-Off switch above the auto reply
  3. To edit, click the pencil icon
  4. Click Save 


  • If an inbound text triggers one of your keywords during designated auto reply times, the auto reply will not be sent, ensuring your client receives their desired keyword info 
  • Auto replies are only sent once within every 24-hour period. This is to prevent the auto reply from triggering multiple times within a conversation.


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