How to Set Up Keywords

Keyword Messages are prewritten messages automatically sent when a specific word (keyword) is texted into your Zipwhip account.

Unlike Auto Replies that are sent in response to every incoming message, Keyword Messages are sent only when the keyword is received as the body of an incoming text message. Keywords are not case sensitive, but they must be the only word in the inbound text, i.e. "Hours" rather than "What are your hours?"
Set up keyword replies


  1. Click the Keywords (quotes) icon on the left side menu  
  2. Click Add New Keyword  
  3. Assign the specific keyword 
  4. Write your desired response message (250-character limit) 
  5. Click Save, your keyword is automatically turned On  

Disable, delete, or edit Keywords

  1. Click the Keywords (quotes) icon on the left side menu
  2. Find the keyword you wish to disable or delete 
  • To disable, click the toggle option Off to disable  
  • To delete, click the trash can to delete 
  • To edit, click the pencil and click Save 


  • If an inbound text triggers one of your keywords during designated auto reply times, the auto reply will not be sent, ensuring your client receives their desired keyword info
  • Keywords are offered on Business plans and above
  • Keywords are not case sensitive or restricted by time. 
  • Custom signatures count against your 250 character limit.
  • If someone texts a Keyword in, they will not receive an Auto Response as well.


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