How to Use the Chrome Extension

What is the Chrome Extension

If you use Google Chrome, you can install the Zipwhip Chrome Extension, which allows you to utilize features of the Zipwhip app when you are on other pages. Once installed, it shows up as a little orange Z next to any phone number on any page in Google Chrome. You can click the Zipwhip icon to open the Conversation Window and send a text message. This free tool allows you to quickly send texts customers from your CRM, help desk, or other software that runs in the Chrome browser.

How to install the Chrome Extension

  1. Go to the Google Play store here:
  2. Search Zipwhip
  3. Click Install
  4. Once installed, click the Z icon in the top right of your browser
  5. Sign in with your Zipwhip credentials

Using the Chrome extension 
After installation is complete, every phone number seen on a website will display the Zipwhip texting logo next to it. 
To text that number, click the orange Z logo and your text box will appear. 
Extension Menu

To open the Extension menu, click the Zipwhip icon to the right of the URL bar.

Login: For single-user accounts, log in with your text enabled number and password. For multi-user accounts, log in with your username and password.

Page Detect: Activate the Page Detect setting to automatically display the Zipwhip icon next to any 10-digit phone numbers on the webpage that you’re viewing in Chrome.

Launch Conversation: You can open the Conversation Window and send a text message by clicking the Zipwhip icon next to any 10-digit phone number on the webpage you’re viewing.


Conversation Window

Open New Conversation - To open the Conversation Window for a phone number that is not visible on the webpage:

  1. Click the Zipwhip icon to the right of the URL bar.
  2. In the Phone number box, type the recipient’s mobile phone number, and then click Text.

Unread Message Counter - When the conversation window is open, an orange counter displays the number of unread text messages

Reply Notifications - To receive reply notifications within your browser, keep the Conversation Window open, minimized, or hidden. Notifications display the message and provides you the ability to reply or mark the message as read

Troubleshooting the Chrome Extension

If the logo does not appear:

  1. Open the browser menu and click Settings.
  2. On the Settings page, click Extensions, and make sure Zipwhip Texting is enabled. 
  3. If not, then select the Enable check box.


If the Zipwhip icon does not appear next to what you believe is a valid 10-digit number:

  1. Copy the number, open the Extension Menu, and paste the number into the Phone Number box. If the number is valid, then your message is sent successfully.


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