Troubleshooting the iOS Mobile App

We understand that having access to Zipwhip on-the-go is vital for you and your business. If you're experiencing any issues with the iOS Mobile App, please check the App Store to ensure that you have the latest version downloaded. The newest version is 2.43.14.
If you have the latest version installed, don't worry! Here are some easy troubleshooting steps to try: 

Not receiving notifications?

The iOS app requires Push notifications be enabled. Push notifications alert you of new inbound messages to your business number when you are not active in the app, or the device is asleep. 
To allow notifications: 

  1. At the top of the contact conversation panel, tap the orange Z to open the Settings Menu 
  2. Click Push Notifications: Off 
  3. Under Allow Zipwhip to Access, click Notifications 
  4. Enable Allow Notifications 
  5. Click Zipwhip in the upper left corner to save your changes 


Using an iPhone X, 8, or 7? 

We understand you rely heavily on the Zipwhip Mobile app and receiving business text notifications from your customers. We heard from a few people after upgrading to the iOS 11.x that mobile notifications are not working. An update from Apple can cause your configuration settings to return to a default state.

Please follow the above steps for Allowing Notifications.

Still not receiving notifications? There's one more thing to check: the All Notifications Settings and Do Not Disturb Settings. 
All Notifications Settings 

Next, we will need to check that notifications are allowed on your iPhone. If the preference is set to “When unlocked” or “Never,” you will not receive notifications when the device screen is off. 

  1. Open Settings on your phone 
  2. Click Notifications 
  3. Locate Show Previews option and select Always  

Do Not Disturb Settings 

We found some iOS customers have enabled the Do Not Disturb feature on their iPhone preventing the device from alerting you each time there is a message, notification, or missed call. To fix this, ensure that your Do Not Disturb feature is disabled. 

  1. Open Settings  
  2. Click on Do Not Disturb 
  3. Click on Activate and select Manually 

Reset Network Settings 

In some instances, your cellular connection and Wi-Fi settings can interfere with notifications showing up. Resetting your network settings can sometimes alleviate the issue. 

  1. Open Settings  
  2. Click on General 
  3. Click on Reset 
  4. Click Reset Network Settings and confirm the requested actions 


Still not receiving notifications or need additional assistance?  

If you are still having problems with receiving your notifications after the above steps, please contact Zipwhip Support at (855) 947-9447 or email us at


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