Caller cannot hear me

If you have a call where a caller cannot hear you but you can hear them, there are certain troubleshooting questions you can ask to narrow down the issue.

  1. Is the issue replicable?
    • If the issue happens once and does not happen again it may have been a fluke. Like a cell phone out of reception or the caller having phone issues.
  2. Does the issue happen every time?
    • If the issue happens every time then this could indicate a change or break.
    • If the issue is intermittent, this could indicate that the issue is caused by something that is in the process of breaking or a change has been made that is interfering with the phones some times and not other times.
  3. Is anyone else is having the same issue?
    • If you are the only one experiencing issues this may mean the problem is specific to your physical phone.
    • If there are others having the same issue then it is most likely not specific to your phone.
  4. Is the issue happening for internal calls and external calls? Inbound and outbound?
    • If the issue is happening for external calls but not internal calls then this could be related to the phone system itself.
    • If the issue is happening for internal calls and external calls, the issue may be related to your internal network or internet connection.

If the issue is replicable:

  • Gather some information
    • Write down the steps on how to reproduce the issue.
    • Write down the times the issue occured and what happened.
  • Reach out to us with the info you have gathered and we will be ahead of the curve.

If you are the only one having an issue:

  • Try rebooting your phone.
    • Our phones are computers and all computers have a chance to get mixed up. A simple reboot by unplugging the power may be enough to clear out simple errors.
  • Try to use a different method of talking to the caller. For instance:
    • If you are using Bluetooth try the handset.
    • If you are using the handset try using speakerphone.
    • If you are using speaker try using the handset.
  • If it is the same for the above options try your phone at a working location. For example:
    • If you are having an issue but Mike is not, trying to plug your phone where Mike's is plugged in.
    • If that worked, what changed? The power cable? The internet cable?

If others are experiencing the issue:

  • If the issue is happening for all calls internal and external, try power cycling your network equipment.
    • If that does not help, bring in the Pros. You may try your IT people first to make sure they are not already aware of the issue. If you do not have IT people or your IT people do not know what is causing the issue, give us a call.
  • If the issue is only happening on external calls - inbound or outbound. Do not hesitate to give us a call. We would be happy to check your system and figure out what is going on.

If you ever have any questions or comments, give us a call or text at 423-509-8000 or send us an email at We are more than willing to answer any questions you might have.


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