How to Edit Voicemail Settings

Use How to View Extensions to get to the screen below.

Screen_Shot_2019-09-16_at_11.14.36_AM.pngNow Click the Paper/Pencil icon associated with the Voicemail you would like to adjust. This will bring you to the screen below.


Click on the "Voicemail" tab. That will bring you to the screen below.


From here you can edit the following:

  • Enabled
    • This is a toggle to enable Voicemail on the extension.
  • Voicemail Password
    • This sets the voicemail password.
      • Setting the Voicemail password to the extension number will require the user to re-setup their voicemail the next time they access it.
  • Require From Same Extension
    • This toggles the need for a password when accessing the Voicemail from the extension itself.
  • Disable (*) in Voicemail Menu
    • This disables the ability to get into the voicemail remotely.
  • Email Address
    • This is a field for voicemails to be emailed. 
      • There can be multiple emails listed and all will receive a copy of the voicemail.
  • Pager Email Address
    • This is a holdover for a feature that is no longer used.
  • Email Attachment
    • This toggles whether there will be an attachment with the voicemail recording sent to the emails listed above. See Voicemail Email Identity Confusion for help with receiving emails.
  • Play CID
    • This toggles whether the Caller ID will be read aloud when listening to voicemails.
  • Play Envelope
    • This toggles whether the date and time will be read aloud when listening to voicemails.
  • Delete Voicemail
    • This toggles auto-deleting voicemails when they emailed. 
      • This should be enabled on most voicemail boxes where they are emailed a copy.


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